Guerrilla Tortilla: A two-days cooking course November 10th and 11th at Kääntöpaikka


In the spirit of Food without Borders, Guerrilla Tortilla is preparing a two-days cooking course where we will share our profound love for Mexican food. We will provide the ingredients and the experience and together we will create:

– tortillas (you will learn how to make them from scratch!)
– pico de gallo, traditional fresh sauce
– salsa roja, spicy companion for a variety of dishes
– beans, southern mexican style!
– pan de muertos, traditional ”bread of the deaths”
among other delicacies.

When? November 10th and 11th from 11:00 to 14:00
Where? Kääntöpaikka in Intiankatu 1.
Recovery fee: 40 euros.
Capacity for 8-10 persons.
Save your place and send us a mail to:

Sharing we grow in knowledge!
Guerrilla Tortilla