Art Speeches in English 7.-12.8.


Two artists by the name of Ritva Touré and Sini Kunnas formed and art group called ”Pro Ihana Elämä” (translated ”For a Lovely Life”). They put together an art event during 7.8-12.8 to Gallery Kolmas Kerros,address Hämeentie 157,3rd.Floor. The event is free of charge and has art speeches and art works in the gallery.

The art speeches will be held 7.8-10.8 from Tuesday to Friday at 17-19 and talks will touch such topics as how these artists see their art work,of art and culture in their country and the art peaces in the gallery during the event. The event is free of charge and celebrates the Helsinki Design Capitol 2012 year.

Art peaces in the gallery can be seen from 7.8-12.8 and the two artists will be present during opening hours which are from Tuesday 7.8 to Friday 10.8 at 14-19 and on the weekend 11.8-12.8 from 12-16.. Welcome to the listen to the art speeches as well as to visit the gallery and artists!

Address:Hämeentie 157,3rd.floor.

For more information see Facebook:”Pro Ihana Elämä”-pages or contact